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Auto Repair Sherman Oaks

We can fix brakes in the same day and we could probably change them in a couple hours. We can also change motors, transmissions, mufflers, belts, hoses, batteries, electronic stuff, cooling stuff and many other things very quickly! If we give you a deadline for a job; we’ll make sure that the job will be done by then! All the jobs will be done perfectly so you won’t have any problems at any time with the job we did.


Our  professionals have seen it all.

Our trained staff has to go through a lot of difficult and precise training and testing before we send them out on a job! We make sure they know everything about all the vehicles on the road before we let them do jobs for you. They have to go through a lot of testing in while we are supervising them and we also give them verbal pop quizzes! We make sure that all our people at Sherman Oaks Auto Repair have training so they don’t waste your time and money. They will make sure they do the job right by checking your car at least 3 times and then they will ask a coworker to check it at least once as well.

In the 30 PLUS years we’ve been serving the San Fernando Valley, we’ve learned to fix everything under the hood, under the car and under the sun!

Staying in business longer than any other major car repair shop in the valley is the reason we have this “been there/done that” attitude. Whatever is wrong with your car, from the smallest annoying clicking noise to the most frustrating kinks in the electrical and computerized operating systems, we have most likely dealt with that problem before, and probably on a car exactly like yours.


Talk about ONE-STOP shopping!

While most other towing and roadside assistance companies specialize only in extracting your credit card information, we specialize in everything roadworthy.
Electrical systems, batteries and alternators – we can fix your electrics at a price that won’t shock you.

Tires, wheels and alignment–WHEEL keep you on the road – get it? We never TIRE of helping stranded motorists. We can change a tire where others fear to TREAD…We got a million of them!
Engine and transmissions – we do not contract or subcontract any engine transmission or re-building job. We know engines inside and out. We’ve learned to put them back together even better than we take them apart.

Maintenance and trouble-shooting – sometimes you’re not sure what’s wrong with your car, it just feels like it’s “sluggish” or “falling apart” or “stuck in stupid.” We solve your problem the old-fashioned way, riding shotgun in your passenger seat as you drive around to give us a guided tour of all your knocks and pings.

Body work and painting – this feature of our company is the all-in-one service that new customers adore and our regulars have come to depend on. We can provide both estimates and service on your car’s engine and body without moving the vehicle. It’s our guaranteed one-stop lowest price guarantee. If you’re not thoroughly impressed by this, your insurance agent will be – believe us!

Honest estimates and straight talk – Oftentimes, fixing a car can be costly, and there’s not much we can do about that. We focus on honest and accurate estimates – and then stick to them!

No upselling EVER – We’re not in business to gouge customers or insurance. Over the years we’ve found that you can build a solid business on integrity and honesty. No surprises, extra charges or padding are ever added to your bill.

Free pick-up, delivery and white-glove handling – Leave everything to us: pick-up of your vehicle with Chatsworth Towing, storage, coordination with insurance agents. We have more experience with accident claims and car repair than all the other towing services in the San Fernando Valley combined.

We takes the “ouch” out of car problems. Let us show you how well we do everything.

So if you need anything in your car fixed call us (888) 470-4841! Call us know!

Auto Repair Sherman Oaks is the best auto repair company that you can call at any time of day! We have the best people for all car jobs that you need and we also make sure that you are happy with our service at all times! We can even have someone sent to you if you’re in need of LAX Towing to bring your car to us! If you have any complain you can call us back and we’ll try to help you as much as we can! Auto Repair Sherman Oaks makes sure that you have the most affordable rates in town and that you can get from anyone. We make sure our rates are the cheapest rates in town and especially the ones in all of San Fernando Valley! We have been fixing cars since 1998 and we have always done the job right, perfectly and have never had any complain, concern or problem with any customer!

Our bosses make sure that all our trained staff have at least 5 years in the profession and that they know how to change every part of every car in the road today. Our boss also makes sure that they do it as fast as possible! Our boss also makes them go into a job with the mentality they can’t fail and success is the only thing they can do! Here at Auto Repair Sherman Oaks our boss makes sure we have the lowest prices everywhere and he personally checks that we have them every day!

Here at Auto Repair Sherman Oaks we equip all our mechanics with all the proper equipment for all kinds of jobs from the smallest to the biggest ones. The mechanics at Sherman Oaks Auto Repair are the best mechanics you call everywhere because they take pride in their job and they always make sure they get the job done by the deadline they gave you! They also try to give you the cheapest rates they can and if they believe it’s too expensive they’ll try to lower it done by talking to their supervisor.

We have had a lot of awesome comments by lot customers; like our customer named Stan said, “Auto Repair in Sherman Oaks is the best company you can call if you need something fixed and they are the most affordable ones that you can call at any time!” Another of our customer named Sam said on Yelp, “Our company is the quickest tow company to the scene, they help you the most they can and they make sure that they help you with all that you need! A different customer named Juan said on yelp that , “Sherman Oaks Auto Repair is the best mechanics place you can call in all of the San Fernando Valley and Los County!” “Finally a different customer named Miguel said,“They basically fixed my car’s radiator for free; it was that cheap and they did it really fast; I was so surprised!”