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Do you have a broken down crane that you cannot move? How about an unused one that is just sitting in your yard collecting dust? At Calabasas Crane Services we can help you move those gigantic and unsightly cranes out of the way for you. Our company in Calabasas has been operating for years and is highly skilled in the art of moving crane machinery and vehicles.

At Calabasas Crane Services, we have powerful tow trucks big enough to take almost any type of cranes you may have. We can take all types of telescopic, vehicle mounted and crawlers, heavy duty and rough terrain cranes, and even loaders. The only cranes we probably cannot take are tower cranes, but even then it would be simple to handle if it was disassembled. Whatever concerns you have, let our company in Calabasas worry about it. We will handle your business quickly and carefully.

Calabasas Crane Services Offered

Our company in Calabasas can pick up your equipment and machinery from anywhere in southern California and transport it to anywhere within the nation. Need to deliver it by a certain date? No problem Calabasas Crane Services can get your machineries to where it needs to be, on time and safely transported. Calabasas Services accepts any and all types of machinery and equipment within Calabasas and the surrounding areas. Our company in Calabasas can also do all the disassembly and reassembly for you if you need it as well. Our company can also store your vehicles for a certain amount of time if you need to store your machinery.

At our services company in Calabasas we don’t just tow cranes, we also tow other heavy duty construction and industrial equipment. If our trucks can take crane machinery, we can also take scissor lifts, containers, big rigs, and anything in between. If you need your vehicles moved, don’t wait and call us now at (888) 470-4841 in Calabasas. Our company in Calabasas always has live operators waiting to serve your every need. We excel in relieving you of your worries and dealing with the problem you have at hand, so leave the logistics to us and wait for the good news. Let our company in Calabasas help you with all your crane services’ needs.

Types of Cranes We Can Move


Telescopic Cranes

This is a heavy type used to transport and maneuver objects from one place to another. These are used in day-to-day hauling operations. These are mountable onto moving platforms, mobile vehicles such as trucks and ships. These can be easily detached and moved with ease.

Loader Cranes

These are hydraulically powered arms fitted onto trucks or trailers used for loading and unloading vehicles. The arms have jointed sections that can be folded into smaller space as to be easily stored and transported away.

Crawler Cranes

These are mounted on an undercarriage with tracks to provide stability and mobility. These are mobile however they are very heavy, which makes it difficult to be moved from one place to another. Usually, these are disassembled and then moved for easier transport.

Our Company’s Promise

When you call our toll free number, our services company in Calabasas assures that you will always get a live-person answering your call on the other side of the line. We do not use recorded machines to answer your calls ever. Our live operators are courteous and diligent in their work to provide you with superb services and support. No matter what type of services problem you may have, our operators are always ready to accept your request in an orderly and timely fashion from Calabasas. Don’t waste your time waiting on hold with other companies and then waiting hours on end for them to arrive at the scene. Call our company in Calabasas now for quick and courteous services response

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