City Towing and our team of towing operators provide flatbed towing in Van Nuys and surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide a proficient solution to your towing needs. We can help you when you encounter a sudden vehicle breakdown. Our services including flatbed tow trucks or heavy duty towers for that extra power, we have that in our inventory as well. There is no type of tow that Towing Van Nuys would not take.

Fully Equipped and Experienced Flatbed Towing

When you hire tow truck services, you expect your vehicle to be moved without occurring any damage. However, this will not be the case if the towing company uses the wrong towing truck or equipment for the jobs. For instance, the traditional hook and chain tow truck are unsuitable to tow exotic or luxury cars, as it could damage the axels or the bumpers. A flatbed tow truck can prevent this issue because it can carry the vehicle onto the back of the truck. The towed vehicle will not have its wheels come into contact with the ground.

We use is safe gears and equipment, and we’ve got mechanics to maintain our vehicles. With the combination of experts and equipment, we are highly dependable and competent in dealing with your roadside issues in our flatbed towing in Van Nuys. Our staff is skilled in providing various towing services; from motorcycle towing, car towing, flatbed towing, towing using tow dollies, and many more. Our services are guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Flatbed towing is sometimes considered the best way to move a vehicle, as the vehicle will be secured and placed onto a flatbed platform. There are so many advantages you can benefit from if you choose this method.

Road Safety

Flatbed towing is safer as compared to the traditional hook and chain towing methods. As with the aforementioned method, the vehicle will still be at risk of being hit by other vehicles. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.

Saves Time

Our flatbed trucks are located in strategic spots in Van Nuys. So you will save time than setting up lights in the middle of the road or hauling the vehicle.

No Damage

This is one of the main advantages of choosing our flatbed towing services. The vehicle will not be in any damage. As mentioned above, the vehicle will be secured in place. The tires will also not be worn out. So you will transport your vehicle safely.

It might be the Only Method

Sometimes your vehicle may be involved in an accident and has become immobilized. The axel may have been broken, and thus flatbed towing is the only method to tow your vehicle away.

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