One of our other towing services is heavy duty towing, in which our specialists aid you in promptly recovering your trucks without harming the essential sections of the vehicle such as tires, truck chassis, or other semi-truck parts. The towing team uses the most recent and high-quality industry finest equipment and heavy-duty chains to rescue your stranded or stalled vehicle without any technical troubles. In addition to semi-truck towing, City Towing also provides towing services for all types of vehicles at competitive pricing.

Heavy Duty Towing Services

We have trained tow operators who can handle any type of truck on the road today, no matter its make, model, or size. Calling the wrong towing company can be an expensive mistake! We’re different from all our competitors, so give us a call today. We are the leader in towing and roadside assistance in Van Nuys. A skilled professional is required to hook up, secure, and tow a heavy-duty vehicle without damaging the unit.

We have a reputation for getting the job done here in Van Nuys and surrounding areas quickly and at a fair price. That is why many heavy-duty vehicles and trucks owners in the area trust City Towing. Keeping up with the latest truck models and styles is part of our training to ensure our customers are always in good hands.

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We are dedicated to providing you with the best heavy-duty towing services. Providing safe transportation for your equipment and vehicle is our priority. Since we utilize the most advanced technology and operate with the best possible procedures, we will ensure that your vehicle is safely towed, be it motorhomes, RVs, trucks, and heavy equipment. They can all be towed by our towing services. To provide our customers with reliable services, we are focused on providing them with fast response times. Providing reliable services is very important to us. We are available 24 hours a day to ensure your convenience. We offer great towing services at affordable prices with our friendly and professional staff.

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