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Our tow company has been working around the clock since the day we started. Started in 1976, we’ve been the leading provider of towing services all around the LAX area, servicing all vehicles in and around the airport. The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has been used for commercial use since a few decades ago, and many have since come and go from time to time. However, we’ve all experienced it. The obstacle, of our vehicles, failing on us.

If you’re a person who has just dropped off a friend or family member off at the airport, you probably parked your car in the expensive parking lot. Later, after your friend or family member has gone onto the plane, you realized that your keys had been left inside of your car. What to do now? Instead of breaking open the glass, think about us first. The qualified technicians at LAX Towing Services have been performing lockout jobs for over three decades and we receive calls about lockouts daily. For a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass, we’ll be able to access your car, get you your keys, and you’ll back on your way in no time!
Imagine you’re a person who just got back from a business trip in Vermont or someplace. You come back tired, and you see your car in the parking, where you left it for a few days. The driver door seems ajar. “Hm…” you might think. You then proceed to enter the vehicle, and find that for some obscure reason, the car won’t start. More than likely, the battery is to blame. However, don’t worry because giving us a call would make your worries go away. We’ll just come by, connect professional-grade cables, your car will miraculously rev up.LAX Towing Services
However, like our name states, if the jumpstart doesn’t work, we’ll always be able to tow you to someone that can help you out. Towing Services LAX can tow motorcycles, small cars, large cars and even large cargo box cars. Our technicians are skilled and cautious when dealing with cars. If you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll be trying to help you as much as possible, even if we don’t go home.

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