Medium Duty Towing San Fernando Valley (818)671-0124

If you’re looking for towing anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, we have just the truck to serve you!  With the largest fleet in all of San Fernando Valley, Medium Duty Towing San Fernando Valley offers their services out to you.  While its more often that folks need regular towing from tow trucks like wheel-lifts and flatbeds, there are actually other vehicles that are too large and heavy to serve your vehicle.

Vehicles that would need medium duty towing would be EMT trucks, ambulances, RVs, shuttle buses, passenger busses, box trucks, motor homes, stake trucks, cargo vans, and even heavier vehicles, such as school buses and boom trucks.  In all honesty, we offer towing and roadside assistance to these vehicles because they are popular, but no matter the size of your vehicle, we’ll be able to help you out.

Need roadside assistance for your vehicle in the San Fernando Valley?  No problem!  If your vehicle is in need of gasoline, we could stop by and provide you with enough to get you going.  If your vehicle is out of power, it may need a jump start from one of our trucks.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll work on giving it a recharge and make sure that it starts.  If you looking to have a flat tire changed, we can do that.  We’ll take off the flat tire and install the spare tire that comes with your vehicle.  We’re extremely handy.

For further information regarding the services that we offer, give us a call at (888) 470-4841 today.  Our representatives at the San Fernando Valley branch will gladly take your information and appoint the right technician to service you.