There can be so much inconvenience if you are driving a van to work for an important meeting or you are using your company car and are on your way to a client and the car suddenly stops. When you try to start your car, something goes wrong. Towing services would be needed as soon as possible. Assume you were ahead of schedule and can still make it to your meeting. The best option is to use a medium duty towing service that can easily handle your stranded vehicle on the road.

Professional Medium Duty Towing

Medium duty tow trucks can tow vehicles like vans, RVs, camper vans, small fleet vehicles, motorhomes, and so on. Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR of 10,001 lbs or more require medium-duty equipment. Medium duty towing trucks can tow up to 27,000 lbs of weight per gross vehicle weight rating. Any vehicle weighing more than 27,000 lbs requires a heavy-duty tow truck.

Unless the rubber on the tires of the vehicle contacts the tow truck, the vehicle, and the tow truck will not be able to get in contact. As the vehicle is lifted off the ground and the back or front two wheels are suspended in the air, the towing mechanism can lift it. The other wheels are in contact with the road. Tow and roadside services are among the services City Towing offers to the drivers in Van Nuys. Our medium duty towing services are affordable. We will assist you as soon as possible if you should become stuck on the roads or highways.

Medium Duty Towing Van Nuys

It is not easy to drive a medium-duty tow truck. Drivers need to undergo extensive training. Regardless of the circumstance, we are committed to ensuring that each medium-duty driver undergoes frequent training to ensure that medium duty towing is competently performed and handled with utmost care.

When you require towing in Van Nuys, contact us immediately so we can provide you with immediate assistance. Just give us the details, such as your exact location, and we’ll send the right towing truck, which will arrive within minutes of your call. 24/7 we have access to medium tow trucks and services. You can be assured that we will take care of your roadside problems and provide excellent customer service.

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