Van Nuys Towing Testimonials:

“I was woke up and got ready to go to school like every day. When I got to my It would start and the battery seemed to be dead. I was not sure who to call and it was really early in the morning and I didn’t feel like going through all this trouble to get a jump start. I looked online and Towing Van Nuys was the first thing that came up. I called them over and explained the problem to them; they were there very fast and got my car started in a minute. I’m thankful to know that Van Nuys Towing is just around the corner.” Jose Garcia

“I had my tire popped just a few days ago, when a nail off a truck in front of me seemed to fall off and rip up my tire. I was really bummed and I had just gotten these tires so I really was not expecting anything like this to happen. I called Towing Van Nuys because I remember they helped out with my last car incident when I was involved in a car collision. Just as I expected the second time around, they came and replaced my tire in minutes and had a great conversation with me. Van Nuys Towing are really the friendliest service around.”- John Doubt

“I had a bad experience after work one night. I was going to my car when I noticed I did not have my keys on me. They were laying on the passenger seat in the car. Imagine my sudden disappointment and considering how exhausted I felt after work, it was ten times worse. I called Towing Van Nuys and to see what they can do for me, and the next thing I know there is a handy man there ready to open the car for me. Van Nuys Towing came to the rescue that time for sure. They got the door open in minutes for me and I went home and had plenty of time to sleep.”- Nathan Thomas

“Once I was stuck in the parking lot of Costco and I really didn’t know what to do because the mechanic store was closed. I wasn’t sure what the problem was with the car but I knew the steering wheel would not turn whatsoever. I called Towing Van Nuys and they analyzed the situation quickly and effectively to see what is going on. They sent down a tech guy and he showed me that the wheel was locked and that was the only problem. Besides feeling stupid I was happy to get going on my way thanks to Van Nuys Towing.”- Lee Young

“I’ve been quite a bit of trouble with my car down here in Van Nuys. I have had battery die on me, run out of gas, my tire pop, everything you can imagine. I could’ve started my own mechanic shop from all the issues I learned to deal with. Thanks to Towing Van Nuys though, I have learned how to deal with these experiences with ease.”- Roy Baxter

Van Nuys Towing Testimonial