Wheel lift tow trucks serve an important function in towing. A tow truck like this one is used for towing smaller cars that are lighter in weight. Likewise, it accommodates two-wheeled cars. At City Towing, we have wheel lift tow trucks in our fleet.

Quick & Fast Wheel Lift Towing

It comes equipped with a hydraulic boom with a pair of bars. Tow bars are placed underneath the back wheels of each vehicle. Tow truck equipment then lifts that car into the air while the remaining two wheels remain on the ground. A tow truck driver can choose to lift the rear or front end. With the modernized wheel lift trucks, chains have been replaced by hydraulic dollies.

When it comes to towing, distance is often a factor that requires a wheel lift truck. The wheel lift tow truck is typically employed to tow short distances.

In smaller spaces, wheel lift trucks allow easier access to tight spaces. Furthermore, there are various types of wheel lift tow trucks, including hidden and slid-in versions. With the slide-in type, the slide is inserted into the bed of the truck, so there are no bumps that can occur under the undermount.

Our company utilizes all the tow trucks for appropriate towing. If you contact our dispatcher, the relevant information from your situation will determine whether a wheel lift tow truck will soon be en route to you.

A wheel lift towing method is one of the few techniques that allow the driver to have superior control over the car being towed. This is a very safe method of transporting vehicles since this form of towing is very reliable to avoid more damage to the vehicles.

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To learn more about what kind of tow truck is best suited to tow your car, contact us. Upon receiving your information, we will dispatch the appropriate tow truck. We continue to provide excellent towing services in Van Nuys and the surrounding areas with our tow trucks.

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