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Welcome to City Towing! Our Van Nuys Towing Service Company is located in between the cities of Reseda, Northridge, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Chatsworth and some others as well.  Van Nuys is located off the 405 freeway and in between the 170 as well, even the 5 is not too far off. In making sure that the streets are clean and running smoothly with no accidents being left not cleaned. If you need a car service towing company, contact City Towing Van Nuys now!

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What Are the Services City Towing Van Nuys is Offering?

For our towing departments, our wheel lifts and flatbeds has quite a bit to offer. For car collisions and accident, we are here for you and will come to clean up the mess no matter what. Our services including flatbed tow trucks or heavy duty towers for that extra power, we have that in our inventory as well. There is no type of tow that Towing Van Nuys would not take.

There’s always a car somewhere that won’t start, broken down, that was involved in an accident, and we know that everyone’s always in a hurry. Because you’re always in a hurry, you can expect that our service will be in a rush to help you out.  Most towing companies, unlike our tow company, aren’t in a rush to help you out. Most of them are looking to take their time, help others who are closer or might be willing to pay more money, and don’t provide high-quality service even when they do get to you.

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Your Local Van Nuys Towing

Other services that our company will provide consist of battery services, tire change, gas delivery, winch outs, and lock outs services. Battery services consist of either replacing them, or just give you a little jump start to get the car going. When you are experiencing a tire problem, such as a flat or low air pressure, we can come to analyze the situation and get your flat tire replaced or just simply correct your tire pressure for you. We can also bring gas for you on the fly.

For other towing services such as lock outs, that is not a problem either, since we have trained technicians that can open just about any car. For Winch out services, we guarantee that we will get you out no matter what. Whether it’s stuck in mud, dirt, sand, quick sand, water, etc. whatever it is, we will get you out from the roadside situation you are facing.

Flat Tire Change
Jump Starts
Gas Delivery
Auto Lockouts
Winch Outs
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Van Nuys Towing Services

Our towing service has been ranked number one repeatedly for quick and responsive service. They have served the community for more than 15 years, and with continued dedication and love for their city. From hauling vehicles to just giving a jumpstart, our services has seen it all and done it all.

We DO NOT provide Impound Towing Service. If you are looking to move an illegally parked car from your parking lot, or from the front of your house, you would need to find an impound company that has a license from the city to impound vehicles.

Our technicians are one of a kind and do not get as much credit as they deserve. They have been working in this business well over 10 years. Contact us now and see what our Towing Company can do for you. Our towing company is all about great and efficient service.  No matter if the situation is small or a big one, be assured that we are always there, to service you and your vehicle. Contact City Towing Van Nuys now for the best car service and we will be glad to assist you.

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