If you get stuck in the ditch, flooded water, sand or mud, we can handle any 24-hour auto winch out service. We offer to winch services at affordable prices for vehicles stuck in ditch, sand, mud, or water that need to be pulled out.

Winch Out for Vehicles Stranded

Our expert winch out service will ensure that you are back on the road as soon as possible, no matter how insecure or precarious the situation might appear. We are the people to help whether your vehicle is stuck because of bad weather, if you are driving a commercial vehicle and have broken down, or if your construction crew runs into trouble! Throughout Van Nuys, City Towing provides outstanding winch out services.

We are blessed to have machines and electricity to help us out of these terrible situations. The machines have heavy-duty wires and/or cables attached to a hook and wound around a disc. Once your vehicle is attached to the hook, you must pull it out. Getting stuck in a ditch isn’t the only reason for needing a tow. When your car breaks down, they have smaller machines to get you out quickly and tow the car where you need it.

Call Us for Roadside Assistance in Van Nuys

Through the years, our company has provided winch out services for countless drivers whose vehicles have become stuck in a variety of places. It has often happened that drivers have parked their cars on the sand at the beach and have been unable to drive away. Alternatively, you could drive into a puddle, only to discover it is a deep ditch, causing your car to remain motionless no matter how much acceleration you apply.

Be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your situation so we can send the appropriate winch out installed tow truck. Additionally, you should have your location, address, phone number, vehicle type, cross streets, the issue with your vehicle, and the type of terrain you are facing (mud, sand, water, ditches, etc). You will be able to fast-track the process by providing this additional information. We recommend that you call us rather than trying to winch out the car manually. Your vehicle and the passengers in it will be safer if you do this. It’s safest to leave certain jobs to the professionals, as it’s the most effective way.

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